painting inside home interiors

Painting your home interiors

Painting your home interiors is an essential task that can improve its visual appeal and give it a quick makeover. It also helps to protect and maintain the house for it to stand up to the elements. You may simply decide to paint the walls of your home or you may want to get certain remodelling and/or repair work done before your walls get a fresh coat of paint. A reputed home interior design firm in Bangalore can help you with any design makeover for your home.

Check for any damage to the walls and plumbing and fix them. Broken door hinges, damaged window sills and any replacement of doors, windows, taps, pipeline, electric lines, switch boards and more must be accomplished before you undertake the painting work. Following are some of the steps that are good to follow:

Colour choice – What Color to Paint My House

Color choice for home interiors

Living Room Paint Decorating Ideas

Choose the colours for the interior carefully. Your choice and likes matter as much as the need to coordinate it with the décor, furnishing and other accessories. After all your home interiors is an extension of your personality.

Colours change personality with the time of the day, so you need to factor in that too. Further, the amount of natural light the room gets will affect the way the paint colour looks on the walls. If these things feel too intimidating, do take help from home interiors professional in Bangalore.

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Type of paint:

types of paint for home interiors

Following are some of the popular types of paint and their features:

Best Paint for Home Interior

 Distemper paints:

Distemper paints

  • Affordable
  • Made up of chalk, water, lime and colouring agents

Emulsion paints:

Emulsion paints

  • Consists of oil, water and an emulsifying agent
  • Superior quality that is washable
  • Easy to apply

Enamel paints:

Enamel paints

  • Glossy paints
  • Washable
  • Suitable even for metal and wooden surfaces

Texture paints:

Texture paints

  • Lends texture and design to the wall as per your liking
  • Applied using rollers, putty knives, trowels and brushes

Once you are clear on your budget, you can choose the right type of paint for your home walls.

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If you follow these simple steps before you set out to paint your home interiors, we can assure you that final outcome will definitely match your expectations. Happy painting!

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