Big or small, irrespective of the size of your home and living room, infuse life into any space with your unique sense of ethic style and creativity. There are several interior designers in Bangalore who can help you in this mission. But there is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in the DIY tasks.

Follow certain tips to do up a small Indian living room without compromising on the style and comfort factor.

Walls play an important role in making up the room

Interior Designers in Bangalore

Walls play an important role in making up the room. Let your imagination run wild and use them to your advantage.

Warm colors on the walls bring in cheer and life.

Pastels an whites add to the illusion of space.

You can even paint one wall in a different color for a striking effect.

Wall papers, textured paints and huge wall arts with mystical Indian elements can add to the dramatic impact.

Deck the walls up with pretty pictures and photos that bring back happy memories. Unique Indian motifs and decals can blend in with a traditional theme.

The use of reflectors, mirrors, glass walls will make your space look bigger than it actually is. Allow as much natural light in as possible for a cheerful look.

An ethnic area carpet and bright curtains coordinated with a minimalistic yet stylish sofa featuring cheerful cushions complete the cozy look.

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Go for traditional fabrics

Interior Designers in Bangalore

Go for traditional fabrics like Khadi and Tussar silk with classic patterns. If you have space, a divan with some bolsters and a swing or an oonjal will complete the north Indian and south Indian décor respectively.

Multipurpose items come in handy in the living room. For instance, a stool or a sofa with storage space is a good idea.

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Use Accessories, Idols, Pendants

Interior Designers in Bangalore

Sculptures, antiquity and other such accessories can easily infuse a traditional Indian feel. Idols of Indian deities, earthenware, hookas and lamps are some of the elements you can think of.

Pendants and chandeliers not only light up the space but also attract attention. Antique brass chandeliers can bring in an old world charm.

Though we have offered plenty of tips, you can always take the help of one of the interior designers in Bangalore who can design a great living room that is classy and sophisticated while reflecting your style and taste.

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