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We Blue interiors are very popular firm in the interior design field, we are specialized in offering exclusive and cost effective interior solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Since from inception, we have been committed to delivering unique and highly functional designs that give enduring pleasure. We are driven by the principles of originality, creativity and enthusiasm. Blue Interiors is among the most reputed companies and famous for creating elegant, intelligent and dynamic interiors infused with passion and creativity.

Our aim is to provide personalized interior designs to our clients that go beyond their imagination. We listed among top interior designers and decorators in Bangalore, we conceive a trendy and chic design which not only reflect our client’s preferences but also enrich their lives.

Our Designs

We are outstanding in the area of home and office interior designing. We consider the modern trend and diverse requirements of our valuable patrons as a top priority at the time of designing to guarantee sensible space use. We genuinely focus on customers’ fulfillment at every stage and keep up extraordinary benchmarks in our work process which makes us a preferred choice of our clients.

How It Works

  • Meet The Designers Get a free consultation with an interior designing expert.
  • Customize Design Customize the designs as per your thoughts!
  • Place Order Place your order with us.
  • Delivery in 10 Days We deliver in 10 days from the manufacturing unit to your door step.
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Why Us?

Our team works passionately with the clients so as to achieve a magnificent end result which they will cherish for a lifetime. We create designs that are visually powerful, intellectually beautiful and above all timeless. Being a top company in the industry, our belief is that the design must have aesthetic ingenuity along with practicality. After developing conceptual briefs through discussions, we implement the best solutions with intelligence. Taking the initial ideas from paper, through proper planning to the last day on the project site and beyond, our comprehensive interior designing services eliminate any misinterpretation of design to assure precise result and complete client satisfaction.

How Different We Are?

If interior designing meant putting just few furniture from a catalog around and enhancing the look of your walls with some interesting colors, probably everyone would be able to do it. At Blue Interiors, we go many steps beyond. Being the best interior designers in Bangalore, we have risen above the notion of considering interiors to be simply a décor addition to your dream home and entered a realm where our expert team understands how your home can be transformed in to an abode.

When It Comes To Interior Decorators in Bangalore

Offering an unmatched standard of beauty and perfection, Blue Interiors is known amongst the best interior decorators in Bangalore. Our expertise, passion, unstinted hunger to achieve excellence and our willingness to listen to our clients and provide path breaking solutions ofinterior designmake us the best interior designers in Whitefield.

Hire Us!

At Blue Interiors, we have highly skilled and extremely prolific budget interior designers in Bangalore who are well-versed in designing both residential as well as commercial interior spaces which work both practically and aesthetically.

Services Offered Our custom interior design services open doors to endless possibilities

  • Modular Kitchen Designs - Interior Decorators in Bangalore
Modular Kitchen Designs

    Endless interior designs and best industry standard products to complete your modular kitchen needs.

  • Modular Wardrobes Designs - Interior Design Firm in Bangalore
Modular Wardrobes Designs

    Class designs with eye soothing colors, space for everything you needed for a modular Wardrobe.

  • Furniture & Storage Solutions - Home Interior Designers Bangalore
Furniture & Storage Solutions

    Smart Storage space that not only complete your storage need but also make you fall in love with them.

Premium Homes Just for YouA home like no other. Just like you.

We help you transforming your home into your identity because we understand the true meaning of home and that’s lies in our true identity

  • Conceptualization

    Understanding your requirements we define the scope of your project.

  • Design Brief

    A brief discussion on space planning placements & interior is done as per preference.

  • On-site Analysis Report

    Detailed site analysis by expert contractors is carried out.

  • Schematic Drawings

    We share schematic layouts to help you visualise your project.

Our Design and Collection

In response to our client’s brief and on-site analysis report, a draft layout is presented showing the space utilization, structural modifications, and woodwork and furniture layouts facilitating the full project management where our interior designers and decorators will transform all your dreams and visions into reality. We design all types of best quality modular kitchens, modular wardrobes, furniture and storage solutions. Our clients range from homeowners to hoteliers and property developers.

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View All portfolio
You know what?…we have an in-house production!

We have our own in-house production where we ensure carefully that you required dreams are shaped by professional in the right shape.

  •   Premium Quality
  •   Qualified Professionals
  •   Multiple Quality checks
House Production  - Home Interior Designers Bangalore

Awards Details

Blue Interiors — Nationally recognized and award-winning interior design firm with expertise in residential, commercial & villa projects.

Blue Interiors — It was the year in 2012, when Mr. Meet Goyal (was into corporate gifting business) and Miss Pooja Agrawal (a typical MBA with a decent job) met as a vendor and client. Like it say "an opportunity is a chance to do something great", it was very true for us.

We made our customers Happy! They love us because....
  • Best Interior Designers In Bangalore

    Ganesh Sarjapura

    My home is at sarjapura road. The ideas of the design team are innovative and creative that really brings out the individual style and personality of me. I recommend Best Interior Designers In Bangalore is Blue Interiors to others as well .
  • Best Interior Decorators In Bangalore

    Rachna Dheeraj Sarjapura

    My flat is at DSR wood wind Sarjapura road, I did my house interior with a Company called Blue Interiors they are the Best Interior Decorators In Bangalore , without any trouble my interior work got over with a good finishing as expected.
  • Home Interior Designers In Bangalore

    Brian Kudlugate

    I was confused to whom to choose for my house interior as its my first house. Blue Interiors. they were prompt and quick. I was happy with the designs given. Finishing was good as expected, and price was also moderate. my project was completed on time, I would recommend them.
Frequently Asked Questions
When you hire an interior designer for your home, then you no need to worry about your design skills, leave it everything to the professional. Employ an interior designer can save money on spending expensive mistakes that will happen when you desire to follow fashion, but that would be out-dated in someday, you may hate it later. Choosing best materials for interior designs takes more time; sometimes it will be hours, weeks or even months. To save your time and effort, you need interior designer assistance at that time. The experienced interior designers know the value and importance of interior designs that you dream about it.
Blue Interiors charges the affordable cost for interior design service as listed in packages.
  • For 2 BHK Standard package, starts from 2.99* INR include 1 Kitchen, 2 Wardrobes, 1 TV Unit and other interiors units
  • For 3 BHK Standard package, starts from 3.99* INR include 1 Kitchen, 3 Wardrobes, 1 TV Unit, 1 King Size Cot and other interiors units
  • For 2 BHK premium package starts from 3.99* INR include 1 Kitchen Acrylic Finish, 2 Wardrobes, 1 TV Unit, Tall Unit and other interiors units.
  • For 3 BHK premium package, starts from 4.99* INR include 1 Kitchen Acrylic Finish, 3 Wardrobes, 1 King Size Cot, 1 TV Unit, Tall Unit and other interiors units.
We always prefer branded plywood and laminate for interior designs. All our interior designs packages offer a lifetime hardware warranty for you.
The living home is not just a shelter for us; it is our private oasis. From where you are the king, you spend more times and create sweet memories with your beloved one. In this sense, instead of spending more money to extend home space, spend for good interior designs of home that would provide pleasant mindset. The best interior designs invite your guest and get wows all the time that makes you feel proud and satisfied.
The most common interior design styles for living rooms are,
  • Modern Interior Designs
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional Interior Styles
  • Rustic
  • Tropical
  • Tropical
  • South-Western
The traditional interior styles are classic and calm. Some decorating trends that are out-dated as it seems to be traditional styles, nothing is surprising. But when it comes to trending interiors designs 2018, there is totally creative.
PopularInterior Design Trends 2018
  • Choosing Colours that can be used on everything and anything from the walls to furniture.
  • Metallics always have the best place in trending 2018. The copper and brass metals have been popular for metallic to embrace.
  • The natural wood with light brown colour is most definitely a interiors designs trends in 2018
The first role of an interior designer is providing advice that directly makes an impact on customer safety and the environment. An interior designer has specialized in design technology, environmentalsustainability and other design considerations. They create living and working space by adding more artistic elements that meet the requirements of various clients. An interior designer will determine what are the needs of the clients by closely working with various clients. They provide you with design expertise for your new building project. Also, suggest designs and providing furniture, floors, paint colours, lighting choices and options for you.
The basic interior design tip is recycling. Create unique and attractive designs for your home, workplace and anywhere by recycling the old materials that you may throughout no use. You can find some gems when you reassemble everything in a creative way.
Are you thinking about hiring an interior designer? Before hiring an interior designer, you should ask questions to yourself.
  • What’s your budget and what’s the cost of Interior designers
  • What’s your timeline
  • Check their profile whether they meet your styles and taste.
Once you finalized all the things correctly, then you choose the best interior designers near you who is best suitable for you.
For relaxation or sleeping, you can have darker shades of colours which increase the sleep inducing hormones in the body. For family activity areas, darker shades are a good choice as they induce positive energy.
The objective of the space must be clear before deciding the colour scheme which fills it. So, the main question to answer is about the type of activities you would like to perform in this area.
Here are the reasons that will convince you to go for a professional interior decorator.
  • You can get professional work
  • Money-saving decision
  • Unwanted Expenses and Indulgent Purchases will be reduced
  • Access materials at wholesale prices from different parts of the country
For more information read 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Decorator
Home is where heart is and kitchen is both the heart and the hearth of the home. Therefore, a lot of planning and design should go into making this functional space of your home vibrant. A beautiful and colorful kitchen inspires to create a feast every time you step in. Setting up a new home or remodeling an existing kitchen? Hire one of the interior designers in Bangalore who can easily design the kitchen of your dreams. But if you are a DIY person, then read this blog.

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