How to make your kitchen more vibrant

Home is where hearth is and kitchen is both the heart and the hearth of the home. Therefore, a lot of planning and design should go into making this functional space of your home vibrant. A beautiful and colorful kitchen inspires to create a feast every time you step in. Setting up a new home or remodeling an existing kitchen? Hire one of the interior designers in Bangalore who can easily design the kitchen of your dreams. But if you are a DIY person, then read on.

Make your kitchen more vibrant

make your kitchen more vibrant


The easiest way to change the look of your kitchen is to add colors.

kitchen color


  • Tiles in different colors creating a mosaic or tiles in a single color with joyful patterns.
  • Rich colors for the cabinet either single or contrast for more effect.
  • Paint just one or two walls in eye-catching hues.
  • Decorate just one corner in a lively shade.
  • Color strategically such as only the trims of windows and doors for a cheerful look.

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Kitchen Decor

  • Pieces of furnishing and/or accessories can change the look of the kitchen without much effort and money.
  • Bold colored chairs or bar stools if you have space for a breakfast nook or dining area.
  • Rugs, curtains and other furnishing pieces in lively colors and attractive patterns that either match the appliances and crockery or stand apart.
  • Nature, art and design inspired wall decals to lift the mood without any fuss at all.
  • A bright colored sink or countertop for dramatic impact.
  • Specialty door knobs and pulls and/or light fixtures for a blended or standout look.
  • Grow some kitchen herbs for their look, scent and freshness.

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White kitchen

White kitchen

  • It is one of the most popular kitchen designs. Check out how to make it warm and inviting rather than polar.
  • Incorporate patterns and accessories in warm colors for a blended look.
  • Bring in gold and gray for a balanced color scheme.
  • Introduce textile and fabrics wherever possible for the much needed appeal and warmth.
  • Weathered warm wood helps define the space with natural aesthetics.

Budget interior designers in Bangalore will fit your wallet and your scheme of things for a professional and fuss-free kitchen designing job.

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